02 May 2016

Reclaim Old Wood Flooring and Make New Again

For wood floors that have seen a good amount of wear and tear and foot traffic, sanding and refinishing is the best way to return them to their original beauty. Or perhaps you’re looking to remodel your home and want to brighten up your living space. Sanding and applying a new stain and finish to wood flooring is a great way to achieve this.

Drum sander on partially sanded wood floor

Our Process

We will travel to the site where the flooring will be refinished and review all the requirements in person. This ensures we discuss and evaluate all possible options and get you the best product for the best price.

We sand the flooring to remove the old finish and stain in its entirety. We’ll repair any blemishes that we come across during the process, too. We then apply your selected stain (or keep it natural, it’s up to you!) and then three coats of poly to ensure your floors are well sealed and have a beautiful sheen.